Damp & Moisture Ingress Testing

You have invested a lot of money in your caravan or motor home and for its long term protection, it is extremely important to ensure that it remains dry and that moisture cannot penetrate into the structure or frame work of the vehicle.

Serious problems arise when sealing is breeched and moisture leaks in.

This becomes most noticeable if it remains unchecked for a period and may be seen as softening or blistering of the inner wall surfaces to discolouration or blackening where the problem has become more advanced, roofs and floors can be similarly affected.

Unfortunately, when these signs are visible deterioration has already occurred however, in most cases the deterioration can be halted and cost effective repairs made if the damage has not become extensive.

Damp caused by moisture leaking into wall and roof panels can produce bad odours and also creates conditions where fungal growth arises which poses risks to the health of users.

Where decay has commenced in framing, structural members or wall surfaces it must be completely removed to be replaced with new material.

Many leaks are not apparent in the early stages and cannot be detected visually, for that reason specialist moisture measuring equipment is necessary.

At Maynooth Motorhomes we use the latest capacitance type moisture detection and measuring equipment so that no probe marks or other damage will mar surfaces.

During performance of this check, every sealed edge on each of the sides, back, front, floor, ceiling, wall or roof vents, roof lights, doors and windows is checked for sealing integrity.

If an area is found to have elevated moisture content it is examined to determine the reason and the source.

Note: If you are buying a motor home or caravan and wish to be certain that there are no issues with leaks, which can lead to costly repairs, this test should be seriously considered.