Electrical Systems / Water Systems

Electrical and Water Systems and Repairs

Electrical Systems:

At Maynooth Motorhomes you will find people that are trained and equipped to diagnose any problems that exist in your motor home or caravan electrical system and we carry a large stock of spare parts that allows us to provide an efficient, professional repair service.

We are warranty and repair agents for much of the equipment installed including such makes as  Dometic, Electrolux, Thetford, Truma, Smev, Cramer, Spinflo, Propex, Whale, Alde, Webasto and Carver.

We always carry spare  parts for the repair of these brands covering the items which from our experience we know cause the majority of problems likely to be encountered.

We can also carry out repairs to most other appliances fitted into motor homes and caravans for which spare parts can be obtained.

We carry out repairs to fridges, heaters, boilers, combination units, hobs, grills, ovens, air con units, power supplies etc.

Where items are found to be beyond repair we can source direct or suitable replacements.

We can install additional mains and 12 volt dc electrical socket outlets and lighting also additional TV points and speakers.

Water Systems:

The water systems in many modern motor homes and caravans are extensive labyrinths of tanks, pipes, hoses, taps, connections and electrical equipment, pump, water boiler, and solenoid valves.

We always carry a huge array of water fittings, pumps, pipes, hoses, taps, shower heads, fresh and grey water tanks, valves, filler caps and much more so we can deal with all of the problems that occur.

We are warranty and repair agents for Truma, Propex, Whale, and Carver water boilers, Dometic and Thetford toilet systems and carry large spare parts stocks to ensure that we are always in a position to offer an efficient repair service.

We carry stocks of water fittings and components for the following water systems:  John Guest, W4, Shurflo, Fiamma, Reich, Comet, Whale, Truma, Primaflo, Leisure Access, Royal, Hi-Grip, Unipart, Therme, and Smev.

Remember, where a leak is observed in your water system it should be dealt with immediately. If water is allowed to lie on the floor along the side or rear walls it can soak into any small gaps or openings and cause problems later, If it soaks into the bottoms of cabinets or furniture sheeting it may cause unsightly swelling and discolouration.

If it is difficult to access or you can’t find the source of the leak take it to a repair specialist. When continued use is essential try to catch as much of the water as possible and mop up the remainder. Drain down the system at the soonest opportunity and have it repaired.