Servicing & Repairs on all Camper / Motorhome base vehicles

Engine & Chassis Servicing

We carry out servicing and repairs on all camper/ motor home base vehicles and we can supply all fuel, air and oil filters, also oils, fluids and coolants, timing kits, belts and any other items required in the course of servicing and repair. We have a modern well maintained workshop which is equipped with all the necessary tools to analyse the systems found in current and older vehicles….

Our qualified mechanic has twenty four years experience in the motor trade and carries out repairs to all vehicle systems including brake, steering, suspension, electrical and fuel.

Our broad supplier base gives us quick access to any parts which need to be replaced. Some parts on older camper/ motor home base vehicles such as Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen, especially pre 1994 models, are now becoming difficult to find. We have sourced suppliers for many of the more difficult items.

We can check out your vehicle prior to the DOE test to flag up any shortcomings which exist or if it has failed the test, bring it in to us with the document provided by them and we can repair it to the required standard. An area often neglected in the general maintenance schedule of even the most diligent owner is the under body. With motor homes and caravans especially this can be a costly oversight. The vast majority of motor home and caravan under bodies are made of plywood.

On the upside, if this material is properly maintained and sealed from moisture it can last pretty much indefinitely however, the downside is that if not, it can deteriorate rapidly.

Our large 8000Kg capacity vehicle lift allows us to perform close inspection of this exposed area. We can provide a very comprehensive solution where damage or deterioration to the underbody or chassis is present. We remove rust from steel chassis components then, after thorough cleaning a primer coat is applied to the affected areas before coating with a tough rubberised material developed specifically for the purpose and which provides very long service life.

Where the plywood sheeting or floor structural members have deteriorated or even if decay has commenced we can remove affected areas and insert new material, joining old to new, ensuring that sealing is restored. The entire area is then thoroughly cleaned in preparation to receive a tough rubberised coating which will provide protection for long service life and also restore the original appearance.