Safety is paramount and by law.

Gas Testing & Repair

This test is a legal requirement in order to use your vehicle on public roads and spaces in many countries in Europe and throughout the world. It is not the case in Ireland at present.

It seems needless to say it but, gas system tightness is vital for the safety of all users and should be checked periodically.

When conducting this test the condition of important system components such as gas pressure regulator, system supply valves and the high pressure flexible hoses which connects the gas cylinder to the system are checked for condition and operation. In the case of the high pressure hoses, it is recommended that they be changed every five years as, apart from general wear and tear associated with connection and disconnection to cylinders, small cracks can form close to fittings which need careful examination to discover.

Gas tightness testing ensures that if a gas system is not completely sealed, it will be detected during the course of testing.

When a leak is found its source must be traced, the fault repaired then, the system retested and passed as safe before it may be put back into service again.
Maynooth Motorhomes have invested in the equipment necessary to carry out gas system testing to all relevant regulations and international standards.
Staff carrying out gas work and testing have been assessed and certified to do so as required by legislation in force in Ireland.

Note: Testing should always be carried out where work has been performed on the gas system or if you suspect a problem or get the smell of gas.
A test may be carried out at any time to verify the safety of the gas system in your vehicle.

Gas System Repairs: At Maynooth Motorhomes we carry a large stock of components which allows us to carry out repairs to gas systems in all caravans and motor homes.

We are warranty and repair agents for much of the equipment installed including fridges, heaters, boilers, hobs, ovens, grills, cookers and other items and maintain a large spare parts stock to facilitate their rapid repair turn around.

We are warrant and repair agents for Dometic, Electrolux, Truma, Smev, Cramer, Spinflo, Propex, Whale, Alde, Webasto, Carver and can carry out repairs to any other gas appliance fitted into motor homes and caravans for which spare parts can be obtained.