Moisture ingress Test / Gas Tightness Testing

Habitation Testing

Habitation Testing and Service:

Motor homes and caravans are essentially a box mounted on wheels which contains all of the systems we require for comfortable daily living. That box is composed of four walls, a roof and a floor which are screwed together.

Around each of those walls, roof and floor panels there are seals which should keep the rain and moisture on the outside. Where there are doors, windows, vents, and roof lights, in fact anywhere a hole is made through an exterior panel, these should also be well sealed so that moisture is not permitted to pass into the structure or frame work of the vehicle.

If a significant amount of moisture passes by the sealing into the structure, very serious damage will result if it is not detected quickly and dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Gas Tightness Testing:

Legislation in force in Ireland states that, it is a serious offence for any person to carry out work or testing on gas systems in motor homes or caravans unless qualified to do so. This test is a legal requirement in order to use your vehicle on public roads and spaces in many countries in Europe and throughout the world. It is not the case in Ireland at present.

It seems needless to say it but, gas safety is of the utmost importance and should be periodically checked.

Gas tightness testing ensures that if a gas system is not completely sealed, it will be detected during the course of the test.

When a leak is found it must be traced to the fault, the fault repaired and the system retested and passed as safe before it may be put back into service again.

Maynooth Motorhomes have invested in the equipment necessary to carry out gas system testing to all relevant regulations and international standards.

Staff carrying out gas work and testing have been assessed and certified to do so as required by legislation in force in Ireland.

Note: This check can be carried out independently of a habitation test at any time to verify the safety of the gas system in your vehicle especially if it is a recent purchase or if any doubt exists.

Water Systems:

Fresh and grey water tanks, boiler, pipes, taps and valves are checked for leaks and correct operation.

Electrical Systems:

12volt DC and Mains 230volt AC systems, appliances and lights, internal and external are checked for operation and safety, also batteries, mains hook-up, RCD operation, earths and fuses.

Moisture Ingress Test:

For long term upkeep of your vehicle, one of the most important checks of the many which make up the habitation test is the “moisture ingress test”. In this particular check, every sealed edge on each of the sides, back, front, floor, ceiling, wall and roof vents, roof lights, doors and windows is checked for sealing integrity. If an area is found to have elevated moisture content it is examined to determine the reason and source.

As the vehicle underbody can be difficult to access for most owners it often receives less attention than it should, even by the most diligent owners. During testing we always place the vehicle onto our large capacity lift so that we can conduct close inspection of this exposed area. Problems in the underbody area are quite common due mainly from moisture and debris that are thrown up from the road surface. Typical problems encountered are damaged sealing and perforation of the under sheeting which leads to moisture damage.

We use the latest capacitance type moisture detection/ measuring equipment so that no probe marks or other damage will mar surfaces.

Note: This check may be carried out independently and need not be part of a habitation test. So if you are buying a motor home or caravan and wish to be certain that there are no issues with leaks, which can be costly to repair, this test should be seriously considered.

Heating and Boiler Systems:

Motor home and caravan heater and boiler systems generally have both gas and electrical systems for operation.

We are repair and warranty agents for most of the major brands of heaters and boilers installed and carry a large stock of spare parts for the repair of most models in use. We have attended model specific training courses run by the systems manufacturers and have access to the most up to date equipment and technical data available for the efficient and professional diagnosis of systems problems and their repair.

At habitation testing, systems are observed in operation to ensure correct functioning.

Operational Safety:

Aspects of vehicle use relevant to user safety including safety equipment are checked. The above represents only a sample of the extensive range of checks that make up the habitation test. A full report outlining all tests and results including moisture readings is provided for your vehicle history and maintenance records.